Having a baby? Just breaaaaaathe. | Clemson SC Maternity Portraits

Yesterday, you got to see portraits of cute little ZuZu, who just became a big brother this week. Today, I wanted to give some attention to Mom and Dad, who were so relaxed and loving during our session.


I love the real emotions and laughter here…




Caroline, you are glowing!


ZuZu with Mom and his baby brother…


I just love families who focus on each other, and these parents really seem to have a fun but calming presence. Maybe it’s the yoga…





Goasguens, congratulations on Baby B! I’m excited to meet him and the grandparents later on this month. You have such a wonderful family!

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Also, if you want to see the family’s entire proof gallery, please CLICK HERE. Password is ZuZu’s real name. 🙂

A Day at the Lake: Clemson SC Family Portraits

To view the Goasguen’s proof gallery, please CLICK HERE. Password is their son’s name.


The Goasguens are such a loving and active family, and this week they grew by one! We photographed these casual family portraits last Saturday, just a week before Baby #2 joined them. Mom, Dad, and little ZuZu played together on the lake shore and celebrated their little family of three…



How beautiful is this child??




A family of 3, for just a few days longer!


Love ZuZu’s curls, and those sparkly blue eyes, and his fun little spirit!



And relaxing back at home with his Mickey Mouse Club friends…


Check back in tomorrow for mom’s Maternity Portraits…you won’t want to miss them!
Again, to see all of the Goasguen’s proofs, please CLICK HERE. Password is their son’s name.

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Coming Soon…Baby Thomas: Maternity and Family Portraits

Forgive me for being such a terrible blogger???

This is the 4th year in a row that I’ve photographed this family, and Lauren asked their mom “Why does Miss Amy take our pictures EVERY year?” This year’s session was extra-special, because Baby Thomas is coming soon! (Very soon….in just a couple of weeks, or even fewer if mama gets her wish!) Enjoy these maternity and family portraits, and please–no hate mail for Jessica who looks AMAZING at 36 weeks. 😉



Jess, you look beautiful! And tiny.



Pretty girls…




Got personality??



Lovin’ on baby brother


I loooooooove this series of the two girls. So much sass and personality and cuteness and sisterly love…


These just make me smile…


And my favorite from the day:


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Heather’s Baby Bump: Sneak Peek!

I could NOT wait to post this sneak peek from Heather’s baby bump session today…be still my heart, I frikkin love these!!!



Many, many more to come…along with some adorable shots of both Heather and Captain Andy! 🙂

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Coming [really] Soon…Rossi

It seems that through nearly every phase of my life, I’ve had a good friend named Amy. Over the past couple of years, Amy and Matt have become such great friends of mine, and of course we always wreak havoc and cause confusion when we’re together and someone says “Hey Amy…”. Um, which one? The similarities don’t end there–Amy is a photographer in Greenwood, and we often shoot together. I always tell people at weddings, “If you need a photo, just find an Amy.”

Matt and Amy’s first child together, Rossi, is coming really, really soon. I was actually a little concerned that I wouldn’t get these maternity photos posted before he was born, so I’m glad he’s running a day or two off schedule! (Sorry Amy.) 🙂 Rossi is a bit of a “miracle baby,” and we are all excited to meet him!

I’m so loving shadows and reflections these days!

This crazy old building was full of cool textures and colors…

This last series completely rocks my face off. Hello, fierce.

See? Total rock stars.

Really. My face has been officially rocked off. These last two are my faves.

Amy and Matt–y’all are such wonderful friends, and I had so much fun with you shooting these photos. Not a single “Chandler face” to be found. 😉 I’m so happy for you guys, and now that I’ve finally gotten these posted, I can’t wait for Rossi to get here! (hehe)

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