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Tracy & Ashley: Married

Front porches with tall white columns, handmade quilts, and mint juleps. Wildflowers in Mason jars, a bluegrass band, and coconut cake. Golfing, sparkly shoes, and jumping in the pool fully clothed. A fun-loving, affectionate, caring new family. Tracy and Ashley, Parker and Jess. The Liberty Lodge in Walhalla, SC was the perfect location for family […]

Ashley & James: Married

Ashley and James are so many things: spiritual, elegant, stylish, kind, loving. Their wedding was such a reflection of them, with an emotional “First Look” before the ceremony; crisp black, white, and green details; and the love of their family, friends, and God pouring over them as they became husband and wife. Check out all […]

Rosanne & William’s Wedding: Part I

Fusion. Weddings are all about bringing together, combining. Blending families, blending personalities, blending cultures and traditions. Rosanne and William’s wedding was a true fusion: their guests came from 3 continents (Europe, Africa, and North America); Rosanne was born in South Africa, went to high school in South Carolina, and moved to the UK for college […]

Micki’s Glam-tastic Wedding

Micki and Vinz’s wedding was all about bling, glam, fun, and sass. Now, I am a girl who loves a little sparkle, so I was super happy to find glitz and jewels all over the place! The girls got glammed up and had their Bridesmaids’ Brunch at the beautiful and peaceful Liberty Lodge in Walhalla, […]

Coming [really] Soon…Rossi

It seems that through nearly every phase of my life, I’ve had a good friend named Amy. Over the past couple of years, Amy and Matt have become such great friends of mine, and of course we always wreak havoc and cause confusion when we’re together and someone says “Hey Amy…”. Um, which one? The […]