Marilynn + Josh: Seattle Engagement Portraits


Marilynn is one of my closest friends. She is adventurous, spontaneous, outgoing, sarcastic, loyal, and a little bit scatterbrained. Josh is the love of her life. He is thoughtful, patient, quiet, witty, and a little bit systematic (he is, after all, a chemist). They recently got engaged and moved to Seattle, which stinks because I don’t get to hang out with Marilynn whenever I want to. Also, they recently got engaged and moved to Seattle, which is awesome, because I get to go visit whenever I want to!


Seattle is so lush and green, and it’s like a green that you don’t see anywhere else. I fell in love with this city! It was such a treat to shoot Marilynn and Josh’s engagement portraits while I was out visiting. We went to the Seattle Japanese Garden, which is part of the University of Washington. It was gorgeous, and very green. 🙂 I have entirely too many favorites. Beautiful location + in love couple = photographic awesomesauce. Enjoy!


By the way, the leaves were already beginning to turn, and it was LABOR DAY WEEKEND!! Can you believe that? It was still 80* here in SC this week!





Mar’s eyes are ridiculous…



…and her ring’s not too shabby either!



Love this!


They said they didn’t want a bunch of “kissy-face” pictures, but I came back from scouting a location, and here’s what I found…




I love how much this image says without even seeing their faces…


…and this one too.


I’m telling you, this garden was a-ma-zing!




Girl, you are both fierce and sweet.


Hehe, I had to include this one. These two are ALWAYS picking at each other…keeps them on their toes I think!



And a favorite from the day, with Josh looking a bit fierce himself!


Marilynn and Josh, thank you for an amazing vacation in your fantastic new city. Thank you for the amazing photo-session, cufflink disaster and all. And mostly, thank you for being the kind of friends I can count on and call on any day, for hours at a time, for honesty and understanding and tons of laughter. I love y’all!

View Marilynn and Josh’s complete proof gallery if you CLICK HERE. Password is their cat’s name.

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  1. Marilynn says:

    I cannot tell you how much these mean to us. We love them. I cannot tell you how much YOU mean to us either. Thank you so much for the pictures, the memories and most of all…your friendship. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    These pictures are AMAZING! Everything about them is stunning. I’m so very excited for both of you. Miss you guys and I’m really looking forward to May!! 🙂

  3. Mary Marks says:

    Once again – excellent….

  4. Tamara Muccia says:

    I love these. I particularly like the one where Marilynn is behind Josh and is looking up and her eyes are so blue!

  5. Alex says:

    You’re getting married?!?! Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

  6. Mitchell Smith says:

    WOW!! I’m sure I am not qualified to be a photo critic, but not only is each photo of the highest quality, I also see excitment, joy, anticipation and … yes, pure and lasting love.
    May these photos and their love last forever.

  7. Rebecca says:

    YAY!!! Great pictures Amy (as always). What a great location to get to shoot engagement pictures. Marilynn, you guys look great and so in love. I am SO excited for you and your big day!!

  8. Melissa says:

    These are great! Awesomeness!!!!

  9. Fred Marks says:

    Awesome pix! You guys make a lovely couple. ‘Long may you run.’ :-]

  10. HIIIII! I’m so excited for the big day, just around the corner!!! Great photos of you and Josh~

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