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Sarah + Chad’s Greenville SC Wedding


Sarah and Chad’s  Greenville SC wedding was the perfect mix of them: bright and vibrant, caring and attuned to others, fun yet serious. Sarah and her bridesmaids danced in the bridal suite to her wedding day playlist while Chad adjusted his pinstripe suit and visited with family and friends. She was a pop of color […]

Best of 2016 | Greenville SC Photographer

I’ve always been a thinker and one who reflects. (Some, like my husband, might *possibly* say that I’m an over-thinker, but that’s a whole different blog post!) As 2016 came to an end–and as these years seem to end more and more quickly the older and busier we become–it is always bittersweet to think back […]

2015 Year-End Review | Upstate SC Photographer

I have always been a big fan of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…I mean, what’s not to love? Confetti and horns, champagne (my favorite!), the countdown and kisses….the Rose Parade (it amazes me how they turn flowers and seeds into such amazing floats!), black-eyed peas and greens for a prosperous year, and just […]

What Others Say…

Amy Clifton [Keely] was chosen as the photographer for our Daughter’s wedding in 2010. When our Daughter was a baby and as she got older each year we took her in to have her photo taken. Her Dad has always said that they didn’t capture her personality very well and he’s right, they didn’t. The […]