AsheLee & Anthony’s Sneak Peek: Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

I’ll be brief because I promised this post would be up before the end of the weekend, and I’m dangerously close to missing that deadline! 😉 AsheLee was one of my best childhood friends, and after many years apart we found each other on facebook. I traveled to Charleston, SC last month to photograph her and Anthony’s elegant outdoor wedding at The Planter’s Inn, and it was so special to see her and her family after 20+ years and to share in this absolutely perfect day.

I was dying over the light in AsheLee’s bridal suite! Beautiful bride…



AsheLee’s “something borrowed” were these pearls, which her dad gave to her mom on their wedding day. *Melt.*


Attention engaged couples: if you aren’t sure whether you should do a “First Look,” these next 3 images are the reason why you soooo should…




AsheLee’s flowers were beautiful and very Southern.


AsheLee and her sweet daddy


Mr. and Mrs….love their excitement!!


AsheLee and Anthony went on a carriage ride through downtown Charleston immediately after their ceremony, and I got to tag along for photos. This was such a perfect way for them to have a few minutes to let the “we’re married!!” feeling sink in.




Last one for now…I’m loving AsheLee’s expression in this image!


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