Baby Charlie


Baby Charlie was born right before Christmas, and I got to meet him and take his newborn pictures when he was just a little over a week old. He is a complete cutie! I met his parents earlier this year through mutual friends, and they are naturals at this “mommy and daddy” stuff. On to the sneak peek while mom and dad are waiting for me to give them their proofs…
I love Charlie’s little wrinkled up forehead–he looks so serious!


I adore this family photo–it is so sweet and serene. How in love with this baby are they?!?

This one cracks me up! The kitty may be having some jealousy issues–I’m thinking it probably ruled the house before Charlie came along. I love the contrast of the two of them relaxing on the couch facing opposite directions…

Thanks for letting me come out to your home and take some of Charlie’s first portraits! I can’t wait to see him again and see how much he’s already grown!

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