Baby Landon’s Birth-day! | Greenville, SC Newborn Photographer


Happy Mother’s Day! What better way to celebrate all that mothers do–the love, the work, the care, the fun, the concern–than by celebrating Baby Landon’s birth-day?? He just turned two weeks old, and he is my boyfriend’s sweet nephew. I documented the night of his birth (and by night, I mean “overnight”) and some family portraits when he was just barely 24 hours old. His “official” newborn portraits are coming soooooon!

A few things to consider when you’re looking at these pictures…

1) All of the times you see are a.m. After midnight. Late night. Early morning. Landon took his time getting here. 🙂

2) Hospital waiting rooms are not made for waiting.

3) This baby is so sweet, so cute, and so very loved!

Welcome, Landon! Happy Birth-day!

Happy 1st Mother’s Day, Jennie! And Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who is the perfect combination of sweetness and spunkiness. Love you!

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