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Three of my favorite things combined for The Elys’ portrait session at Ray’s Roost cabin in picturesque Highlands NC: extended family, travel, and photography! I LOVE travel sessions–your family is together, having fun and relaxing in a beautiful location. Why not capture that time with professional portraits? I am available to travel to capture YOUR travels!

The super-fun Ely Family converged in Highlands NC for a relaxing weekend together, laughing over old stories, fly fishing amongst the fall leaves, and just enjoying three generations of love.

Introducing…the Ely Family

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 17 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 01

Is there a better gift than love and laughter that parents can give their children and grandchildren?

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 04 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 05 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 13 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 12 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 02

Fun giggles and snuggles!

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 03 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 16

Miss Caroline is the sweetest big sister, and a SO pretty in front of the camera. And can I please have her boots in a big-girl size???

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 08 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 09

Miss Elizabeth wasn’t so sure about me at first, but once she warmed up: incredible cuteness!!! I love her sweet smile!

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 10 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 11

Little Miss Anna kept me on my toes! She is a doll baby, and I just love her dimples!

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 18 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 19

And this giant laugh?? I want to laugh like this every day!!! 🙂

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 20

I looooooove it when couples say they aren’t sure of themselves in front of the camera….and then they give me beautiful moments like these next two shots!

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 14 Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 15

I had to end with two of my favorite portraits….these two big sisters are beautiful girls, and I just melted with their love for each other.

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 06

Sweet girls!!

Mountain_Fall_Extended_Family_Reunion_Vacation_Highlands_NC_Cabin_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 07

Ely Family, thank you so much for thinking to have your family photographed in such a beautiful place while you were all together! It was such a pleasure laughing with you guys and enjoying the beauty of the mountains in the fall.

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