Finally, Here I Am!


For the past year or so my photography clients have been asking “When are you getting a website?” and “Can we view our photos online?” I’ve been admittedly slow moving into the 21st century, largely because my brides and families do such an amazing job advertising for me! I was so fortunate to have tons of work during 2007 JUST from word-of-mouth. I love viewing other photographers’ websites and blogs, though, so I’ve come to realize the importance of getting photos and stories out there for the world–or at least my clients and their families–to see. So here goes, this is post #1. I’m learning, so if things look funky for a while, bear with me as I experiment. 🙂

OK, I’m going to attempt to include a photo in this post…after all, this is a photography blog! My close friend Robyn was married this fall, and I was honored to be a bridesmaid, so I couldn’t photograph her wedding. I did shoot her bridal portraits, and this is a photo of her gorgeous bouquet, taken in the stands at Clemson’s Death Valley. (For the record, I’m a UNC Tarheels fan.)

SO…officially…finally…here I am! Amy Clifton Photography. Enjoy!

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