Grandmother and Grandaddy–Celebrations


On my mom’s side, our immediate family is very small…she’s an only child and so am I; that means I’m the only grandchild too (yay, me!). Except when extended family is involved, our get-togethers are always a “party of 5.” Since we’re such a small, close bunch, it’s always important to celebrate special occasions.

Sunday, was my grandmother’s birthday–I don’t dare reveal how many!!–and today is my grandparents’ 64th wedding anniversary. YES–64 years! Grandmother is the original cougar–she’s 7 years older than him. 🙂 My grandparents grew up in a small mill village, just about 8 or 9 miles from where they live now; my grandaddy sang in a traveling quartet, and grandmother was their pianist. They devoted their entire lives to serving God by singing and playing music together, with him directing numerous church choirs and her playing the organ until they retired just about 4 years ago. Even now, though, Grandaddy will still play his accordian at their little church every couple of months.

Here are a few pictures from today’s birthday celebration….

Grandmother let out a big whistle when mom reminded her how old she turned today!

The lighting on this one is all kooky because my mom took a flash picture at the exact instant I shot this, but I love the expressiveness anyway…

Every year, Grandaddy makes the New Year’s Resolution to “stop being so silly.” As with most resolutions, that one doesn’t seem to last very long. 🙂

Whenever we go out to eat, they always share a plate, Well, Friday night, I went to dinner with them, and Grandaddy was joking with the server that they didn’t need an extra plate because he wasn’t going to share. Grandmother chuckled and said “He knows better than that!” The waitress heard her say it, and she totally cracked up, saying “I like the way she thinks!!”

Happy Birthday, Grandmother! And Happy 64th Anniversary to you both! I love you and I’m glad we belong to each other!

Borrowing from my Ohana friends’ post for their grandparents, If you’d like to leave a birthday or anniversary greeting, please click the “Show me some love” link, type your message, and click the “Name/URL” button. Don’t forget to leave your name! Thanks!

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