Baby Ava, 1 Week Old | Upstate Greenville, SC Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


I met Sweet Baby Ava and her mommy and daddy for their in-home newborn portraits in Upstate SC when she was just one week old! This little bitty girl decided she wanted to show up a few weeks early, and even though she caught her sweet parents by surprise, they are all getting settled into their new life with lots of love and sweetness. I love photographing newborn portraits at home…where baby first learns to live and love, where we can capture some great lifestyle moments, and where the family can still hibernate together at home. I hope you will enjoy Miss Ava’s sneak peek…more to come once I finish her entire gallery!

Introducing…Baby Ava, 1 Week Old

Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 010 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 009 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 007 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 008

It was super important to get a portrait of the entire family…including Ava’s fur-brother, Cooper. 😉

Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 011

Ava’s mommy and her uncle both slept in this cradle when they were babies, too. Ava’s mommy made this sweet animal-themed quilt…but didn’t quite get it finished before Ava made her appearance! She finished quilting just in time for our portraits, though!

Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 012 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 006 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 002

Sweet girl!

Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 013

Tiny little eyelashes…

Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 014 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 015 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 016

This next set of portraits are some of my favorite from the day…just sweet moments snuggling with Daddy and Mommy in her nursery.

Newborn_Lifestyle_In-home_Photography_Daddy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 001 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 003 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 005 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 004 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 017 Newborn_Lifestyle_In_home_Photography_Daddy_Mommy_Baby_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography_Greenville_SC 018

Sean and Morgan, I bet Ava has already changed in the week since we took these photos! I hope you are enjoying loving on your precious girl! Thank you again for asking me into your home to capture this amazing time for your family.

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