Jackson & Delaney: “Harsh’s” Kids


In a post long, long ago I mentioned that most of my life I have always had a close friend also named Amy. During my college years at Western Carolina, Amy Harsh and I became fast friends….little sisters for the same fraternity, driving all night to Mardi Gras where we shared a room with 9 other college friends (um, ewwwwww!), Spring Break at Myrtle Beach, shopping together, and telling crazy stories. “Harsh” and I became known as “Amy Squared,” and one of the frat guys took great pleasure in standing behind us, calling out “Amy!”, and watching as both Amys turned around. We always both turned around. As often happens in life, we lost touch for several years. By the time we reconnected, Harsh had gotten married and was a mom to sweet Jackson and Delaney! We started getting together once a year, and this is a friendship where we can pick up right where we left off just like no time has passed. This fall I was able to photograph her totally freaking adorable and completely sweet kids in the Duke gardens in Durham, NC.

I’m not sure it can POSSIBLY get any more precious than this picture of brother and sister.




Jackson is so sweet and super smart. The best thing about this picture? He was smiling at his Mama off to the side. 🙂


Harsh and her kids…still looks like she could be in college!



We were trying to get Jackson to crack a smile. He took it to a whole new level and started laughing hysterically…I love it!


Delaney is 3 going on 23. Spunky and outgoing, and a complete sweetie.


This is her “silly face.”


The fall leaves were beautiful in the Duke Gardens, so we got to play for a bit! These next pictures are what being a kid is all about…



Happy Delaney…


Happy Jackson…





Amy–I’m so blessed to have you as a lifetime friend. Love ya girl, and your sweet babies too! “I mean…”we should get together again before next fall!!

CLICK HERE for Jackson and Delaney’s complete proof gallery. Password hint: Harsh’s new (married) last name

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