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There is a wall-hanging in Landon’s nursery that says “The first steps a baby takes are into your heart,” and this little guy has certainly tip-toed right into the hearts of his family. His adorable little pouty lips, laid-back personality, and inquisitive eyes are just too much to resist! Landon is my boyfriend Tony’s nephew, and it was so special for me to not only be waiting at the hospital the looong night when Landon was born, but also to take his first portraits when he was just 8 days old. Landon was wide awake during our newborn portrait session, but he was SO GOOD! He just looked around and hung out the entire time!


This sweet blanket was crocheted by a family member and was a gift at one of Jennie’s showers…


So stinkin’ cute!! Love this one!


Landon’s sweet little baby parts…


When Rusty, Landon’s daddy, was a little boy, he got a new pair of cowboy boots from his grandad every year. These are some of his old boots.


Landon’s little feet will be this big before we know it!


Hehe, these make me chuckle. 🙂


Landon’s sweet Nana made all of his bedding and this cute sign matches perfectly. The rattle originally belonged to Landon’s great-grandpa and was given to his Nana when Tony, the first grandchild of that generation, was born. It was passed on to Jennie since Landon is the first grandchild of his generation. I think it is a beautiful heirloom!


Love, love, love. Quiet moments with mommy and daddy…



Finally, all snuggly and sleepy! Does that little bow-mouth not melt your heart?? 🙂






Sweet Baby Landon, 8 days old


Landon’s entire Proof Gallery can be FOUND HERE. Password is Landon’s last name.

Jennie, Rusty, and Landon–thank you for letting me document Landon’s first week. That really meant a lot to me. You guys are a special family! Love ya’ll!

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