Miss Emma: Portraits


Little Emma and her parents came to me for her 6-month photos, and she is quite the cutie! Round cheeks, a big grin, and strawberry blonde hair that matched the leaves we were playing in. She recently discovered her tongue, and it is sticking out in about half our pictures, hehe. She is too adorable, and her Mommy and Daddy love her like crazy!


Sweet girl!



This session was special for me, because we shot some of the portraits at my grandparents’ house beneath their humongous maple tree just a few weeks after my Grandmother died. She always loved the carpet of leaves, and it made her happy to see children playing there.




Squishy face…makes me smile too!


We moved on to a field near my house. I am forever driving past cool spots just hoping someone will agree to have their photos taken there! I’ve started taking pics of new locations on my phone so I can remember them all!


Love this one…


Jill and Jeff, it was great to meet you and Emma. You are such a happy little family, and I look forward to more photos in the future!

Emma’s entire gallery can be found if you CLICK HERE. The password is her last name.

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