MLK Dream Weekend: Dreamers Part II


Part II of the inspiring MLK Dream Weekend “dreamers” who remind us that the dream is alive, and the dream lives in Greenville…

Raven Magwood is not just a dreamer–she is a DO-er! This young lady can teach us “grown-ups” a thing or two about motivation: at 17, she is finishing up her second year of college, she had published two books by the age of 13, she is a nationally recognized gymnast, and she tours the country speaking to youth groups. Feeling inspired yet??



Calder Ehrmann, with the Riley Institute at Furman, is promoting diversity in the workplace across the state of South Carolina…



Lori Coon, editor of Greenville Business Magazine, is helping local business leaders to realize their dreams in the pages of this publication.




Nicholas Wideman established YMRA–Young Marathon Runners of America–to combat youth obesity and to motivate teens towards healthier living, one mile at a time.




One portrait of each of these dreamers was used in a print and internet campaign for the 5th Annual MLK Dream Weekend. I am honored that I was able to tell the stories of these seven amazing people through photos, and I am honored that Amy Clifton Photography was a sponsor for this community event! I was so excited to work on this project with the creative team from Peculiar, the fabulous folks who designed my logo, website, videos, and print pieces.

I’ll end with one more of Miss Raven’s portraits. We had weird weather for almost every single photoshoot–rain, below freezing temps, wind, and during Raven’s session, fog. I love this image, though, and it became one of my favorite portraits from the entire campaign.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message is not about one race, one gender, one religious group. It is about us ALL. It is about working TOGETHER to dream a better life for each other. And it is about making these dreams a reality NOW.

All. Together. Now.
MLK Dream Weekend

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