Rebecca & Marshall: Anniversary Portraits (again!)


You may remember that my bff Rebecca, her husband Marshall, and I nearly froze to death trying to take their 5th anniversary portraits in the NC mountains back at New Year’s. I am a southern girl, and I just don’t see any reason why the wind chill should be in single digits. Can I get an “amen”?!? I went to visit Rebecca and Marshall in Alabama recently, and we shot “part two” of their anniversary session. Fortunately, it was a beautiful spring afternoon…no frostbite this time!



Makes me smile…


Love love love this one!


Happy Anniversary (again) you two!!


Me and my BFF….in case you didn’t read the post from our January session, Rebecca and I were in the same kindergarten class, graduated from high school together, shared a rinky-dink college apartment, and are as close as sisters. 🙂

Someone (that would be me) could use a tan. By the time he shot the photo on the right, Marshall was acting like he was on an NYC fashion shoot…we were obviously amused. I love it.


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