Sneak Peek! Victoria & Annalee


On of the best feelings for me as a photographer is when my clients trust my vision. Victoria, Annalee, and their mom didn’t bat an eye when we drove up in front of a grungy old loading dock, a brick building with the paint peeling off, or a field with lightning striking in the distance. (OK, the lightning really wasn’t all that distant, but we all survived without even a drop of rain.) They were totally on board with my ideas, and I had a great time with these gorgeous sisters!

Here is a tiny little sample of the awesomeness that we got…more photos will follow soon!

Um, yeah. They pretty much rocked this.




Annalee, Class of ’10…


Check back for more from this session and from last month’s family beach session with the Thomas Family…another triumph over a thunderstorm. 🙂 Gotta love summer afternoons in the south! And as always, I love it when you show me some love!

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