Stephanie + Clark: Engaged


The wardrobes were carefully selected, there was a bagful of earrings to choose from, and the clouds parted on the mountaintop after a weekend of rain. But Stephanie laughed nervously and wasn’t quite sure whether to look at the camera or at Clark. He sweetly brushed her hair from her face like he’s done it a thousand times before, kissed her on the forehead, and twirled her around between the rows of apple trees. There was no music to dance to except the breeze rustling through the fall leaves, but it didn’t matter. Suddenly, she wasn’t laughing because of nerves; she was laughing because she knew exactly where to look…right into the eyes of the man who fills her heart with calm and excitement all at the same time.

Stephanie + Clark, at Skytop Orchard, Flat Rock NC


These two photos make me a little teary, they are so sweet.





Love love love these last two. Seriously.Love.Them.



I’ve gotten some questions recently from photographers and potential clients asking about posing, and my answer is always the same: I put my couples in a background that looks nice and in lighting that I like, and then I simply step back and watch what happens. ACP really is all about the “real moments, true emotions, and important details of your life.” Isn’t that what photography is all about!

Stephanie and Clark, I had the best day with you guys. Thank you for being so enthusiastic and kind, for dragging that crazy apple wagon all over the place when I wasn’t coordinated enough to do it :-), and for introducing me to the yummy apple cider donuts. I hope this was a wonderful way to spend your 5 years + 1 day anniversary! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again.

As always, I love it when you “show me (and my amazing couples) some love!”

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