Twins are Twice as Nice!


Who says that less is more?? My good friends Fred and Jennifer recently welcomed twin boys into their lives. After being on bedrest (or “recliner-rest”) for most of the summer, Jennifer managed to go almost full-term with the boys. Elliott and McCrea are so sweet and cute! We had their first photo session on their 1-week birthday, and lemme tell you–these brothers are good at taking turns…one would cry while the other was nice and quiet, and then they would switch roles. 😉 Seriously, it was a fun day and I was so happy to get to photograph the babies while they were still so little and “new.” Newborns change from day-to-day, and I’ve never had a mom tell me they regretted doing portraits within the first week or two! Fred and Jennifer are so blessed with these healthy little boys, and I’ve been blessed by their friendship. They have been waiting anxiously for their family’s blog-debut! So here goes…

Elliott is deep in thought…

LOVE this one!

Jennifer sings Barry Manilow tunes to calm them down. Apparently the twins are little tiny “fan-ilows.”

If you read the blog, you know I’m a little obsessed with shoes. Well, I also love baby feet. These babies have teeny little tootsies, and I completely adore these next two shots.

More tiny toes…

Oh my goodness, I *heart* this photo!!

Big Brother (by 5 minutes) Elliott…

Little Brother McCrea…

Not a happy face, but sweet anyway!

“You lookin’ at ME?”

“Ohh, woe is me…”

A couple of details from around the house…

Fred has family in Minnesota, and it only makes sense that they are already grooming the boys to be Twins fans!

And finally, a whole family of feeties. (I swear, my foot/shoe thing really isn’t unhealthy. Really.) We decided that every time the boys have their portraits taken we will have to re-create this image to show how they’ve grown!

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