Wedding Festivals, and Heather & Grant’s “Outdoor Elegance” Wedding


First of all, if you are visiting my site from the Wedding Festivals, WELCOME! Thank you so much for stopping by my booth (yep, I’m the girl with the chandeliers in her booth!) and for taking the time to visit my website and check out more of my work. I know that the Festival can be a little overwhelming…lots to look at, lots of decisions, and lots of people vying for your attention. Your wedding photography is one of the most important decisions–and certainly the most lasting–that you will make regarding your wedding day, and I would love the opportunity to sit down and chat over a coffee or glass of wine…without all the craziness of the crowd! Please call or email if you’d like to get together! (864) 907-4959 or [email protected].

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy viewing my work! Since the winter slows down a bit for weddings, you’ll notice that most of my recent blog post are family portraits. I’ll be catching up with some wedding photos that didn’t make it to the blog back in the summer, and you can also go to the “Click Here” tab on the top right of my blog, where you’ll find a drop-down box with categories. Click on any of those wedding-related categories to see engagement sessions, bridal portraits, and weddings.

Alrighty, on to Heather and Grant’s “Outdoor Elegance” wedding! 🙂 I didn’t actually meet Heather or Grant until their wedding day, so all of our “getting-to-know-you” conversations took place over email and the phone. Heather described her and Grant as “living and loving the country life,” which I think is awesome. And then she told me that their wedding was going to take place on a hunting lodge in rural Fort Lawn, SC, and it would have an elegant 1940s vibe. Hmmmmm. I wasn’t so sure what to expect! Glamour out in the woods? Deer heads and damask? Homemade jam and monograms?

I was in for such.a.treat. This wedding was full of DIY, glamourous, picture perfect details. Heather was an absolute beauty, and Grant channeled James Bond. I was in love as soon as I pulled up to the lodge and saw the wispy fabrics and chandelier. See for yourself…

Again, Wedding Festivals brides (and grooms), thank you for visiting! I’m excited to get to know you and to provide you with wedding photography that captures the “real moments, true emotions, and important details of your life.”

As always, please leave a comment below to “show me some love” and let me know you’ve stopped by!

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