Jim & Sara are Married! | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer


Blue skies, gorgeous fall sunshine, bouquets full of life, and friends and family who traveled down the east coast to see this bride and this groom. Everyone was watching as these two, who first laid eyes on each other at the gym….or a restaurant (depending on whose version of the story you hear), became husband and wife. On the day when all eyes were on the girl who dislikes being the center of attention, you could tell that she was only concerned with one pair of eyes that watched her round the corner and walk towards him. Her face lit up when their eyes met, and he couldn’t hold back the smile as she made her way down the aisle, escorted by their two little nephews.

Jim and Sara held their wedding at the Larkins courtyard in Greenville, SC, and you can tell that in each other’s eyes is where they find their strength, their peace, their laughter, their forever.

See for yourself: Jim and Sara’s wedding proof gallery is located HERE. Password is their last name.

But before you click away to their gallery, watch their slideshow below, and soak in the moments that they shared as they became husband and wife.

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I worked with an amazing team of vendors for this wedding:
Wedding Planner and Florist: Kim Wehunt of All in the Details
Bridal Gown: The Dress
Ceremony Venue: Larkins Courtyard
Reception Venue: Hugenot Loft at the Peace Center
Caterer: Saffrons Cafe
Cakes: Brick Street Cafe (Their chocolate peanut butter cake darn near makes you wanna smack somebody it’s so good.)
Officiant: SC Ceremonies
Second Shooter: Amy

Getting “Wed”ucated | Wedding Workshop


Please, please, please forgive me for my terribly neglected blog! I was doing *so well* updating about mine and Tony’s engagement, and then, well…..I had surgery, we got into the frenzied final month of wedding planning, we got married (yay!!), we relaxed for a few weeks, we went to Italy for two weeks, and then life just took over. I promise that I will work on recapping the wedding and Italy for those of you who faithfully kept up with our engagement journey. But first, I need to share some photography posts!! (After all, this is a photography blog, not just a “Tony + Amy Got Engaged” blog. 😉 )


Just last week I flew to beautiful Salt Lake City for a photography workshop about child and family portraiture, which reminded me that I never posted photos from another fabulous workshop that I attended a whole year+ ago. (See, life got way too busy!) In both my photography life and my non-profit life, I really enjoy workshops, webinars, articles, anything to keep me inspired and learning. There is always more to learn, ways to improve, and just fascinating information out there. For instance, at a recent education conference that I attended for my non-profit job, I learned that the Voyager spacecraft has traveled at 18,000 mph for over 34 years, and it is JUST NOW getting ready to exit our solar system. How vast is our universe??

But I digress.

Last spring I attended the “Walk Through a Wedding” workshop with fabulous CT based photographers Justin & Mary, where I took all of the photos below. At the Walk-Through, I learned a lot about interacting with clients to create a calming presence on their wedding day, posing, and using directional light to tell a beautiful, textured story. Perhaps the most important thing that I walked away with, however, was the importance of examining my “Why.” Why do I love photography? Why do I make the decisions I do when photographing my clients? Why does my work have value? Why do I use a certain prop or go to a certain location to shoot? Why, why, why. Always in the back of my mind.

Again, I digress.

Our theme for the mock wedding (using real-life couples as our models) was “American Honey.” Old barns, a flowy gown, lots of buttery yellows, and yes–honey. Enjoy this sweet feast…

“Getting Ready” details…





Our beautiful and completely timeless bride and groom, real-life couple (and soon-to-be parents!), photographers Matt & Leslie.









Bridesmaids details.


If I ask you to “Look to the person beside you and laugh,” it always FEELS weird, but I promise that it LOOKS adorable!


Super sweet details at the “reception”…




A couple of shots of our adorable wedding party…real-life newlyweds and photogs Samantha and Graham.




And our fabulous teachers, Justin and Mary. Justin uses his ninja skills to get the right shot…


…while Mary shows us how to pose!


Thanks for stopping BACK by the blog after a long hiatus. Stay tuned…lots of exciting changes are coming to Amy Clifton Photography this year!!! And as always, I love it when you leave a comment below to “show me some love!”


Sallee Anne + Jamie are Married! | Greer, SC Wedding Photographer


They say you can judge a person by the company they keep. If this is true, then Jamie and Sallee Anne are some of the kindest, most laid-back, and most fun people around! On their wedding day, Sallee Anne and Jamie were truly surrounded by love and positivity–so many friends and such large families, all filled with people dancing, hugging, laughing, loving. Sallee Anne and Jamie: it was a joy to photograph your wedding and to watch you begin your lives with such support and nurturing. May that follow you throughout your lives!


Sallee Anne’s flowers were so bright and beautiful! Her florist was Greg Foster…who just does this via word of mouth. Such great work!




Getting ready!




Handsome groom…




Sallee Anne and Jamie chose to do a “First Look” and see each other before their ceremony. I think this is SUCH a great idea, for so many reasons. Most importantly, it allows the bride and groom to have a few private moments together to laugh and cry and just be together to let it all sink in without everybody watching. It is special to capture on camera those first instants of seeing each other! And finally, from a logistics perspective, it is nice to take your family and group photos before the ceremony, so you can get outta there and get to your reception faster! (Tony and I are doing a First Look, and it already gives me butterflies to know that we’ll get to have that private time together before the rush of the day begins.)

Here she comes! So cute and excited!




Jamie and his super-cute niece, Miss Miley. What a doll!


They had lots of cutie kids in their wedding party:


Sallee Anne and her girls, such a sweet group of friends and family!





Sweet mama waiting on the wedding to begin. Mrs. Wright was my 6th grade Science teacher, and just as sweet as can be.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this little moment between Sallee Anne and her daddy.



At the reception at Thornblade Club, everyone gathered around Jamie’s dad’s awesome Thunderbird. Nice ride! (By the way, his dad snuck the car over to us when we shot Sallee Anne’s bridal portraits. She wanted to surprise Jamie with some photos of her and the car! So fun!)




Sallee Anne and Jamie’s cake was beautiful.



First Dance…


Father-Daughter Dance. Aw.


Mother-Son Dance. She’s so proud!


This crowd danced up.a.storm. They were so much fun to watch!!


Sallee Anne and Jamie, thank you thank you thank you. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.


If you would like to view Sallee Anne and Jamie’s COMPLETE PROOF GALLERY, you may click here. Password is their new last name.

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Second Shooter: Marian Ashley Photography (thank you girl!!)
Ceremony: Fairview Baptist Church, Greer SC
Reception: Thornblade Club, Greer SC
Flowers: Greg Foster
Cake: Margaret Coleman
DJ: The Party Machine

Sallee Anne + Jamie’s Wedding Sneak Peek! | Greer, SC Wedding Photographer


Sallee Anne + Jamie are married!!!!! Their sweet ceremony was yesterday evening at Fairview Baptist Church and Thornblade Country Club in Greer, SC. They both are just the sweetest, most laid-back couple you’ve ever met, and their families are just as kind and gracious. It was a real pleasure to be a part of their special day. Here’s a quick little sneak peek before they head off to their honeymoon….enjoy! (The pics AND the get-away!)


Sallee Anne was just the HAPPIEST bride! This sweet shot is from their “First Look.”


She also had the happiest and most helpful bridesmaids ever! What a great group of friends and family!


I love love love the bright flowers and dresses! So much fun!


At Thornblade with Jamie’s parents’ classic T-bird convertible–niiiiiiiice!


Sallee Anne and Jamie, thank you so much for inviting me into your wedding day and for being so kind and such a happy couple to photograph. I wish you so much happiness and peace in your future together. Stay tuned for more pics to come! 🙂


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THE Dress | Lake Lure, NC Wedding Photography


As a photographer, I go to lots of weddings, but I am at very few of them as “a real guest.” It is a special privilege to photograph someone’s wedding and I have a wonderful time doing that, but every now and then it is nice to drink champagne and eat cupcakes (several of them….) and wear my sassy shoes! When my friend Marilynn got married at Lake Lure, NC a few weeks ago, I had the rare–and exciting!–opportunity to attend as her friend, as part of her support system, as a reader during her ceremony. Even though I was a guest, however, I still brought my camera for her getting-ready photos. It’s in my blood, dangit!! 😉 Here are a couple of images of Marilynn’s dress…it was stunning.



You can see Marilynn in “THE Dress” here and hers and Josh’s Seattle engagement portraits here.

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Happy Weekend!