Zach: Greenville Children’s Portraits



His eyelashes are killing me!!

I met Zachary and his mom at Furman on a beautiful spring day…a day perfect for hopping from one side of the creek to the other, for watching sticks sail down the stream, and for throwing handfuls of pebbles into the water, giggling at the splashes and the “ker-plunks.” This day was the perfect day for being a six-year-old boy!



Looks like mischief!





When we began our session, Zach wasn’t so sure about having his photo taken. By the end of the afternoon, however, he invited me to his birthday party the next weekend. 🙂 Aw, I love making new friends! (Even though Zach is a new friend, his family isn’t….I’ve gone to church with his mom, grandmother, and great-grands for most of my life, his great-grandparents are my backdoor neighbors, and his grandmother was my high school English and Journalism teacher. I’m hoping this post is grammatically correct!)


You can view Zachary’s complete set of proofs if you CLICK HERE. Password is his mom’s maiden name. As always, feel free to click below and leave a comment for me and my buddy Zach!

Here’s a little slice of spring that I snapped on my way back to the car from our session.


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