A Month


What a difference a month (+ 2 days) can make! March 1st came in with a Southern snowstorm, and only a month later, spring is here. Even though I complained incessantly about the daily rain last week, it seemed to leave the world covered in green…so I guess there is a “silver lining” after all.

(I spy a tiny little visitor in the picture above…do you?)

Dogwoods always seem to bloom just in time for Easter. Below, my pecan tree and the same dogwood on March 1st…

Not only has spring sprung in the past month, but baby Rossi, baby Liam, and baby Eli were all born! Tomorrow I will be shooting a sweet spring wedding, and next week is filled with tons of photo sessions and some big news: my website is FINALLY going to launch. Wooohooo! Check back!!

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