Hannah & Alan are Married!



When Hannah was in high school, she would come to South Carolina during the summers to visit family. She always hung out with the teens from her family members’ church, and although she and Alan knew each other, they were “just friends.” Fast forward to 4.4.09….the perfect spring day for these two to show the world that while they are the best of friends, they are no longer “just” friends.

Hannah is one of the sweetest, most relaxed brides I’ve ever met, and that just shines through…

She’s a little bit sassy, too. 🙂

Hannah with her sisters Olivia and Amanda…

…and their parents.

Alan was just as relaxed, just as easy-going as Hannah. (Although there was some discussion about a Batman mask coming out during the ceremony…hmmm, I think he’s got a mischievous side too!)

Alan and his mom. Did I mention that he was about a foot taller than anyone involved in this wedding?? 🙂

I loved the architecture in the sanctuary.

Husband and wife! BTW, they processed up the aisle after the ceremony to the “Super Mario” song, too cute!
I love when a photo can tell a story without even seeing anyone’s face…

Love love love the details on Hannah’s dress!

Hello, adorable!

Any guesses on the honeymoon destination? Hehe!

Hannah and Alan–thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. Everything was beautiful, your family and friends were so much fun, and you guys are awesome! I hope you are having a great time at the “happiest place on earth”…I’m guessing that as long as you’re together you make it the happiest place. 🙂
And finally, my favorite:

*NOTE to Hannah and Alan’s family and friends: Please check back over the next week or two for a link to the full ordering gallery so you can see all of the proofs from the wedding! Thanks!

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