ACP on Display

Today is a big day for ACP–my new logo and “look” will be on display at the Wedding Festival. I hope you’ll stop by to say hello if you are there! I am so excited–and a little nervous–about really debuting my work and my business…I’m certainly not new to the photography scene, but I’ve definitely been working behind the scenes, and it’s time to bring ACP to the front!

Here is a quick (icky quality) photo I snapped of my display tonight. I still have a rug and a couple of other things to add when I arrive Saturday morning, so I’ll take some more photos and post them after the Festival. 🙂 I’m looooovin’ my display!

See you at the Wedding Festival! (And hey, my booth is in between a wedding cake vendor and a caterer. Yummo.)


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  1. pinkcoffee photoart says:

    amy, your booth looks fabulous!!

  2. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    amy your display looks killer!!! are we going to get to see bigger pics on the bloggy 🙂

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