Coming Soon…Liam


As soon as Kristen and I began emailing back and forth about her maternity photos, I KNEW they were going to be amazing! Had never met her or her husband, but I just knew. Maybe it was all of her creative ideas, maybe it was her enthusiasm for having the session even though a snowstorm was supposedly on its way (um, no), or maybe it was the sweet innocence of their love story…

Kristen and Mitchell began dating the summer before 9th grade…yes, when they were only 13 years old. Kristen told me “After all these years of us being in love, for him to tell me that I am the prettiest I have ever been, and see in his eyes that somehow he really does believe that, is hard for me to put into words. Mitchell and I have literally grown up together and have been together more years than we have been apart.”
I don’t think anymore words are necessary. Liam is going to be loved so purely, so intensely, and I think these portraits truly express that…

Out of the bazillion images that I loved, these last three are my absolute favorites.

Kristen and Mitchell, you are going to be wonderful parents as your love grows with Baby Liam. I can’t wait to meet him! In other news, I will be at the Wedding Festival this Saturday. If you’re coming, please stop by my “studio” and say hello! Also, stay tuned for a b-i-g announcement about my new website. Woohoooo! Kristen and Mitchell’s proof gallery is now online! To view their full session, go to . The password is their last name.

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