Ciera & Richard’s Wedding


High school sweethearts. Hot pink bridesmaids dresses. Sparkly silver shoes. Adorable flower girl and ring bearer. Fun-loving family and friends. A love blessed by God. Ciera and Richard…

Sweet sisters!

The ring bearer and flower girl literally had to be pushed down the aisle, and they both kept checking over their shoulders during the whole walk. The flower girl threw her petals on the way back up the aisle after the ceremony–too cute! Once the ring bearer got settled in, though, he was pretty interested in the wedding…

Ciera and Richard have moved from being prom dates not too many years ago to finally becoming husband and wife. I love the look on his face here; even though you can’t see her expression, you just know she is beaming up at him!

Love it, love it!

This was a very family-oriented wedding, and there were lots of cutie-pie babies there. I’m crazy about this happy little face at the reception!

The Flower Girl is also a Daddy’s Girl!

Like any good Southern wedding, the groomsmen decorated Ciera and Richard’s get-away car. Now I can’t show you what was written on the windshield (the blog is family-friendly, thankyouverymuch), but these two ladies sure got a kick out of it!

One of my absolute favorites from the whole day. He was in no mood for group photos earlier, but by the end of the afternoon, the ring bearer had gotten over his camera-shyness. (I think the fact that he got to throw birdseed and blow bubbles had something to do with it.) 🙂

Ciera and Richard–I had a wonderful afternoon with you and your families, and I’m so glad you found me through Myra and Ciera’s aunt! See you guys soon!
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