Contest Time!


Whenever there’s a contest, I’m not usually the winner. Door prizes? Nope, not my winning number. Christmas gift exchanges? I once ended up with a teapot and some lady said “Oooh! That looks like you!” Now if you know me, you know I’m not a teapot-kinda-girl. Lottery tickets? Don’t even bother!

But you, out there in blog-land, you don’t have to follow in my non-contest-winning footsteps! As you’ve read–you have read, right??–Amy Clifton Photography is getting a massive makeover with new branding, new website, new rockin’ attitude. For part of my yet to be revealed plans, I need a fabulous bride and groom to photograph! Since it’s not exactly the peak of wedding season, I am recruiting one of YOU to be my b&g. You don’t have to be (or have been) an ACP bride, although that would be fantastic. You do have to be part of a real-live couple who is willing to gear up in your wedding dress, your sassiest shoes, and throw your man into (at least) a suit. And you have to be willing to rock it for the camera.

If you or someone you know is interested in a free Amy Clifton Photography “WE DID!” photo-session with your honey, email me a photo of you lovebirds, your contact info, and a little blurb about why you should rock this session and win! If you can’t do the wedding gear, then convince me that your diva wardrobe will work! My email address is [email protected] .

The deadline for entries is Sunday, January 11, so don’t let this chance pass you by!

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