I know, I know, I’m being a terrible blogger!! Please forgive? There is so much ah-ma-zing stuff on the horizon for Amy Clifton Photography–and for you, my amazing friends–but I’ve definitely neglected my poor blog in exchange for a brand-new ACP. I think the trade-off will be worth it if you can just hang in there with me for a little longer. 🙂

First big news, I have a winner for my contest!! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who expressed interested and sent in their photos. Drum roll……Holly and Mark have been married for 15 years and have no (I repeat, NO) photos since their wedding of just the two of them. They have two beautiful children and lots of family portraits, but nothing of just them. *Gasp!* They are a hot little couple, and Holly is such a sassy girl, so I can’t wait for their session! (She also is my hair stylist, and I would drive to the ends of the earth for a haircut from her. Seriously, she saved me many years ago from a disastrous near-mullet, and I am forever grateful. (Hmmm, do I need to say “disastrous” when I’m also saying “near-mullet?” Seems a bit redundant.) Anyway, send me a message if you need a great stylist!) Stay tuned for their photo shoot and the big ACP surprise that comes along with it!

Next big news is that I finally selected a logo to represent ACP! It was a much bigger decision than I expected, largely because my designers did such a rockstar job and I liked everything they gave me. I can’t wait to debut it along with my new website! The sample I saw of my website completely blew me away…I hope it will have the same effect on y’all!

I shot another killer session with a band in the studio last weekend…those pics are coming soon and I’m crazy about them, and this weekend I’ll be photographing my first-ever maternity session. This couple has already gotten me all teary-eyed over their super-sweet love story, and I haven’t even met them yet! I’m so ready for their portraits!

Again, I hope you’ll forgive me for being super-MIA and that you’ll stick around for all the changes coming soon. Also, for my former clients who have completed their surveys–thank you. I am truly taking everything you say to heart. I appreciate both your complements and your suggestions, and I welcome them always–with or without a survey. And finally, because it’s just wrong of me to not post a photo, here’s a sneak-peek from last weekend’s band session!

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