Daniel: 1 Year


There should be warnings for cuteness like this! Daniel recently turned one, and not only is he super-adorable, but he is also really happy and squealy and giggly!

I used to work with Daniel’s mom, Tasheka, until she and Ambrose got married and moved away, but they just moved back to SC with little Daniel. It was great to spend a beautiful fall afternoon with them at Furman.

I looooooove these sweet Daddy/Son moments…

Ambrose and Tasheka…

I love the progression of Daniel’s expressions in this series…

High five! How precious is the comparison between Daniel’s little hands to Daddy’s big ones??

“Patty-cake” always put a smile on Daniel’s face during our session, especially the “roll ’em up, roll ’em up” part that he’s doing here!

Tasheka, it was great to see you again and to meet your family! Welcome back to SC!

*To view the complete set of proofs from this session, CLICK HERE. The password is Tasheka’s maiden name. If you want to save your shopping cart, please log in when requested. Thanks!*

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