The Nelsons–Family Fun!


OK, so I completely love this family! So cute, really creative, and up for anything! Most of my blog readers probably know that I also work for a non-profit agency; well, I met Andy at our annual golf tournament, where he bid on a photo session with ACP in the silent auction. His wife Stephanie was super-excited when he came home NOT with more golf clubs, but with a gift certificate for a family portrait! I’m pretty sure Andy scored some cool-points for that move. 🙂

We met out at Furman for a mix of traditional portraits, casual moments, and just plain family fun….and lemme tell you, this family is fun!! (They are my “jumpers” from this post…)

This one cracks me up…I love it!

So sweet!

Is it possible to resist this face?? Doubtful!

If you read the blog regularly, you may remember that I don’t have such a great track record with kids + water. I spotted some cool rocks in this pond that I wanted the family to stand on, but we waited until the end of the session “just in case.” Fortunately, everyone managed to stay dry this time, and I got this crazy shot of Andy and Stephanie’s youngest son leaping towards dry land!

I think Stephanie actually squealed when I said we were going to take a silhouette shot. 🙂

Thanks Nelsons for such a fun photo shoot! All four of you were awesome to work with, and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

*Online gallery: CLICK HERE to view and order proofs from this session. Password is the oldest son’s name. If you would like to save your shopping cart, please supply your email address when you log in to the gallery. Thanks!*

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