Holly & Mark–Contest Winners!


Holly and Mark were my cute and sassy contest winners who hadn’t had portraits taken since their wedding 15 years ago. Um, why?? They are adorable and completely rocked it for the camera, in spite of being cold and Mark being a little nervous at first. 🙂 By looking at these photos, you could never tell either of those things! I love their gorgeous eyes and totally real laughter and expressions….so sweet.

Loooove this one…seems like I just stumbled into such a personal moment between these two.

I love this series–the yummy backlight is fabulous!

Too cute! I love it when a couple gets comfortable enough with me that I can capture the expressions that define them….in this case a mix of sweetness, eye rolling, and giggles.


And, just a little clue as to why I hosted this contest and what we’ll be doing with these photos on the new website (which IS coming soon!)…

FYI for any photographers out there, I edited this entirely in Lightroom2…only opened PS to add my logo. Craig and Lindsey–yay, I have my life back. Thank you!! 🙂
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