Stacy + David’s Wedding Sneak Peek

My sweet friends Stacy and David had the perfect, low-key yet special wedding day: they were married in a small church ceremony with their immediate family attending, they relaxed at a nice reception at Stacy’s mom’s beautiful country home, and then they took a break mid-afternoon before celebrating with their friends at a lively reception that evening at Rhythm & Brew’s in downtown Greer. Everything was relaxed, comfortable, and fun….just like Stacy and David. Enjoy their Sneak Peek!








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Stacy & David: Engagement Portraits

“We don’t need a Plan B,” I emailed to Stacy. “ says we’ll be fine.” lied.

It was chilly, gray, and drizzly as Stacy, David, and I met in Downtown Greenville, SC, for their engagement portraits today, but the weather didn’t dampen the spirits of these two, who I’ve known since we were all in high school together. They laughed and giggled during the entire session, and I just couldn’t wait to post their Sneak Peek!







A lot of times, my couples (*cough cough–grooms*) will say that they hate having their pictures taken, and I try to reassure them that we’ll have fun and they’ll eventually forget that I’m even there. At the beginning today’s session, David told me that he would rather be at the dentist getting a tooth pulled than having his pictures taken. As we said our goodbyes, however, he told me and Stacy “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t actually have fun doing this!” 🙂 So there you have it folks, Amy Clifton Photography is better than dental work.

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The Duncan Family: Sneak Peek

I first photographed the Duncans way back when the boys were actually still boys! Drew is now a senior, so our session doubled as his senior portraits. This family loves one another, loves to play, and loves the country. I think their sneak peek shows all of that…



I ADORE this photo. If you know Wendy and Dwayne, you know this is so “them.”


Brandon and sweet old Moonlight


A couple of Drew’s senior portraits. He’ll be entering the Marine Corps this summer…thanks Drew for serving our country!



Thanks Duncans–you guys were awesome, puppies included!

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