Coming Soon, Baby McBryde | Sneak Peek Greenville SC Maternity Portraits

I just got home from Sammy and Craig’s “Coming Soon” maternity portrait session, and I just.can’t.wait. I have to go ahead and show you a few of my favorites from our mountain-meadows shoot!



If you know Sammy and Craig, I think you’ll agree that this picture is very “them”…lots of laughter, probably giving each other a hard time, and plenty of energy! I love it!


Pretty little mama. 34 weeks today.


Y’all are beautiful!!



A super-favorite…


Sammy and Craig, I’m so excited to see you guys become parents. What a fun and loving family you will be! Today was awesome….you BOTH did great and I had a blast. Enjoy your Sneak Peek. 🙂

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Meg & Alex’s Sneak Peek….and Happiness Contest Winners!

Meg and Alex are one of the sweetest, most creative, and just flat-out in love couples I know. I have soooooooooo much to say about these two and their DIY “Picnic in the Park” wedding today, but for now I just want to post a few quick sneak peek pics of these lovebirds.

Happy Wedding Day, Alex & Meg!



Meg, you are beautiful!!


Woohoo, look at you, Alex. 🙂 (By the way, Alex created all of the awesome videos on my website–I lurve them! Go dig around and watch them if you haven’t already!)


“Um, yeah. We’re married.”



Meg & Alex, I wish you more happiness than you can even imagine! Congratulations!

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CONTEST WINNERS!! I am sooooo far behind on blogging, but I wanted to be sure to announce my contest winners from the “happiness” post! I loved reading all of your entries, and they all made me cry happy tears. (Scroll down to read them if you haven’t already…you may shed a tear or two yourself.) There were two stories, however, that I really seriously loved. Carrie spoke of the simple pleasures of rainy afternoons on the front porch with her husband and kids, and Chrissy wrote beautiful words about the “comfy denim, soft-place-to-land” feelings of fitting in that she has with her love. I think Carrie and Chrissy both perfectly described what we all truly long for…just feeling at home with the ones you love during those little moments that make up life. Congrats ladies–you are both winners! Please email me and let me know if you’d like an iTunes giftcard or a print credit with ACP. [email protected]

Kristin and Mark: Cashiers, NC Wedding Photography

Kristin and Mark were married last month in a very personal outdoor ceremony at High Hampton Inn. They are such kind and gracious people…very caring, relaxed, and simply elegant. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite images from their day…



Kristin and Mark hand-made the origami cranes for their wedding invitation, and one of Mark’s relatives painted their ring box. Personal touches are the best!


A tender moment between mother and daughter…


Here he is again….the World’s Cutest Ring Bearer! I dare you to find a cuter one. 😉


Kristin’s sweet niece made a special book to celebrate the wedding day…I think this is completely precious!



Not only was there a cute ringer bearer and a lovely (and creative) flower girl, but Kristin and Mark also had the most handsome ushers ever! (These young men rocked the dance floor, too.)




Love all the color in the bridesmaids’ bouquets from Fiddlehead Designs in Cashiers.


Kristin, you are beautiful!


Mark, you’re pretty handsome yourself!


There was some question as to whether the spring mountain rains would hold off for the outdoor wedding, but the weather ended up being just perfect. Kristin and Mark walked back up the aisle to the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Made me cry!



*Giggle.* Mark is tall.


I can’t decide between color and b&w…what do y’all think?




Kristin and Mark, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! You two are truly special. 🙂

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AsheLee & Anthony’s Sneak Peek: Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

I’ll be brief because I promised this post would be up before the end of the weekend, and I’m dangerously close to missing that deadline! 😉 AsheLee was one of my best childhood friends, and after many years apart we found each other on facebook. I traveled to Charleston, SC last month to photograph her and Anthony’s elegant outdoor wedding at The Planter’s Inn, and it was so special to see her and her family after 20+ years and to share in this absolutely perfect day.

I was dying over the light in AsheLee’s bridal suite! Beautiful bride…



AsheLee’s “something borrowed” were these pearls, which her dad gave to her mom on their wedding day. *Melt.*


Attention engaged couples: if you aren’t sure whether you should do a “First Look,” these next 3 images are the reason why you soooo should…




AsheLee’s flowers were beautiful and very Southern.


AsheLee and her sweet daddy


Mr. and Mrs….love their excitement!!


AsheLee and Anthony went on a carriage ride through downtown Charleston immediately after their ceremony, and I got to tag along for photos. This was such a perfect way for them to have a few minutes to let the “we’re married!!” feeling sink in.




Last one for now…I’m loving AsheLee’s expression in this image!


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Chad and Kristen’s Sneak Peek: Charlotte, NC Wedding Photographer

Every wedding that I shoot is special, and I always hope that my clients will feel like my friends, but in this case, the groom already was my friend! Chad and I went to college together, and it truly meant a lot that he and Kristen asked me to photograph their wedding last month. He and I did most of the communicating before the wedding, so Kristen and I didn’t meet until the wedding day…but we quickly became “new BFFs.” 😉


Sweet little flower girls…


The wedding and reception were held at Providence Country Club in Charlotte, NC.





All of these Pi Kapps and most of their wives were also friends from college! I seriously loved my college experience, and it was great to see these folks again.


Kristen and Chad, your wedding was just perfect (rain and all!), and it was really special to be a part of your wedding day.

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