Some “me time”


Warning: major stream-of-consciousness to follow. 😉

I am analytical. I like to think things through and figure out all the possible scenarios. I want to know “why” things happen and “why” people do what they do. I like to be prepared. I am a sucker for those annoying (to everyone else…) email surveys that ask “hugs or kisses?” “the last time you cried?” and “your favorite toy as a child?” With all of the thinking and analyzing I do, you’d think I could figure MYSELF out. Not so much! Like everyone else, I guess I’m a work in progress, although I have had some major epiphanies over the past year or so in a couple of very diverse places: Vegas and the Keys. (Who the heck besides me has an epiphany in Las Vegas?!?) Something about letting my brain and body rest while I’m on vacation has been really cathartic and eye-opening. I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I really want to get back on track, but it’s hard not to be overwhelmed sometimes. Anyway, I started seeing this survey popping up on various photographers’ blogs, and thought I’d answer for some self-discovery of my own. Let me know if you see any surprises in my answers or if you include a version on your own blog!

I AM … a Gemini–and all the contradictions that go with it! 🙂

I WANT… to be organized.

I HAVE … the most loving family in the world.

I KEEP … things to remind me of special people, special places, and special times.

I WISH I COULD … get my life under control!

I HATE … deception. And confusion.

I FEAR … change.

I HEAR … a positive shift in my thinking.

I DON’T THINK … our hearts use a lot of common sense!

I REGRET … very few things. Except maybe being too analytical sometimes. Sorry!

I LOVE … to hear the crowd singing with the band.

I AM NOT … quick to open up about myself.

I DANCE … to 80s music. I’m not sure it’s a pretty sight, but I really don’t care! 🙂

I SING … along with the radio, all the time, even if people at the stop light beside me can see.

I NEVER … like to get up in the morning.

I RARELY … initiate conflict.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … the Olympics. A bride and groom during their wedding. Countless sappy commercials.

I AM NOT ALWAYS … on time.

I HATE THAT … most people lack empathy. We would all be better off if we could put ourselves in others’ shoes and act accordingly.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … my careers. Why my clothes won’t fit into my closets (yes, plural), even though I just cleaned them out. Love. Balancing life.

I NEED … some direction, some control, some balance, some fun, & quite possibly some more shoes.

I SHOULD … stop procrastinating! (And also stop buying shoes, hehe.)

How about you??

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