Will Parks and Claire at the park!


I have known Will Parks’ and Claire’s mom since we were in the 6th grade, and I’ve taken their cousins’ photos many times. When they were back in town recently, of course we had to get together for some family photos at the park!

This whole family has the prettiest blue eyes, Claire was Miss Independent, and Will Parks couldn’t wait to get in the water, so he was VERY cooperative knowing that would up his chances of wading later…

Gotta love those chubby little toddler legs!

Unfortunately, there was a wading incident. (No children were harmed in the making of these photographs, heehee!) Will Parks’ parents both wanted me to keep taking pictures of this “real life moment”….maybe to show his prom date one day??

Now recovered from the wading problem, it was time to look for fish. I really love this casual portrait, and especially the great reflection in the pool below!

He looks so serious!

Who doesn’t love Eskimo kisses?? Sweetness!

Fun, fun!

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