The Duncan Family: Sneak Peek


I first photographed the Duncans way back when the boys were actually still boys! Drew is now a senior, so our session doubled as his senior portraits. This family loves one another, loves to play, and loves the country. I think their sneak peek shows all of that…



I ADORE this photo. If you know Wendy and Dwayne, you know this is so “them.”


Brandon and sweet old Moonlight


A couple of Drew’s senior portraits. He’ll be entering the Marine Corps this summer…thanks Drew for serving our country!



Thanks Duncans–you guys were awesome, puppies included!

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Amber & Alyssa: Sisters


I have no idea what is going on with the weather in the South, with it raining nearly every Saturday this fall! The morning of Amber and Alyssa’s portraits was YET ANOTHER rainy day, even though said it wasn’t raining. Um, I’m standing outside in it…thanks technology. 😉 We decided to go ahead with our session, praying for a break in the clouds. As I drove out to Furman for the session, I prayed specifically for at least 45 minutes without rain, preferably from 10:15-11:00 (we were meeting at 10, so I knew we wouldn’t start immediately). And guess what? Not a drop from 10:15 until about 5 after 11:00. God IS in the little things…and He even gave us some extra time!

Amber is a senior at Bob Jones Academy. She is sweet and humble and has a beautiful smile.


She is passionate about music, and has been playing the French Horn for many years. Meet Herman the Horn…


Alyssa is 13. She is cute as can be, and I loved her quiet sassiness…so “13.”



The girls and their proud mama! I *heart* the colors they chose to wear!


Y’all know I love a reflection shot…



Amber, Alyssa, & Andrea, thanks so much for being complete troopers in the wet weather! You were so agreeable and great to work with! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

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Victoria & Annalee


My first bridal portraits many years ago were of two sisters. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten the opportunity to photograph two “grown-up” sisters, so it was really fun to work with Victoria and Annalee recently! (Sidenote, those 2 sisters in the bridal portraits are good friends with V&A’s cousin. Everything comes full-circle….) They brought a variety of great outfits–helloooo, I love clothes–and were totally willing to take photos in some unusual places (like a grungy loading dock, ha!). I love all the bright colors we got, and good grief they both have the most beautiful eyes. See for yourself…




Victoria is starting her sophomore year of college…



Annalee is a senior in high school this year. Woohooo!


Class of ’10


I’m loving these bright colors!



OK. The Field.

I’ve spent many an evening grilling out and listening to Pearl Jam and outlaw country on my friend Kevin’s back patio, which overlooks this great field. Every time I’m hanging out I think “Man, I wanna shoot someone’s portraits out there!” The sun sets perfectly over the grasses, and it’s so beautiful and glowy. On the afternoon of Victoria and Annalee’s session, however, we had storm clouds instead of golden sunlight! We pulled up to thunder and lightning, but the prayers I sent up on the drive over worked…the storm rolled by in the (not-so-distant) distance, and we had a crazy backdrop of dark grayish-blue clouds.

LOVE this whole series, and I simply could not pick which ones for you to see!! (And I love their dresses!! Makes me want to go shopping. :-))





So I have a thing lately for funky chairs. This one came from Goodwill and was $1. I almost never carry cash, though, so I had to dig around and pay for it with change. There was another $1 chair that I wanted, but I didn’t have anymore change. True story. *Sigh.* Anyway, Victoria made the chair look like a million bucks!




Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here (I’m not), but Annalee’s eyes are completely awesome!


OK, so here is the cute factor. I’m sure V & A are happy their hairstyles have changed since they were little girls, but I think this is adorable!!


Ladies, I had a great time with you! Thanks for completely rocking this shoot!

Victoria and Annalee’s full set of proofs can be found by CLICKING HERE. The password is their last name.

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Sneak Peek! Victoria & Annalee


On of the best feelings for me as a photographer is when my clients trust my vision. Victoria, Annalee, and their mom didn’t bat an eye when we drove up in front of a grungy old loading dock, a brick building with the paint peeling off, or a field with lightning striking in the distance. (OK, the lightning really wasn’t all that distant, but we all survived without even a drop of rain.) They were totally on board with my ideas, and I had a great time with these gorgeous sisters!

Here is a tiny little sample of the awesomeness that we got…more photos will follow soon!

Um, yeah. They pretty much rocked this.




Annalee, Class of ’10…


Check back for more from this session and from last month’s family beach session with the Thomas Family…another triumph over a thunderstorm. 🙂 Gotta love summer afternoons in the south! And as always, I love it when you show me some love!