Two of My Favorite Things…


No “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” here; two of my favorite things are photography and music. (Although kittens are cute and I DO enjoy getting flowers…) I simply love live music. I love bar bands, I love small acts trying to make it big in an intimate club, I love 20,000 seat venues with huge sets. I love live albums. I love hearing an artist cover a song or play a new arrangement to one of their own hits. I am moved every time I hear the crowd singing along with the band.

When I go to a show, I absorb all the extra stuff going on: the crew scurrying around with their walkies and laminates, the FOH sound stage, the switching out of guitars, how the set list is arranged, and the stage lighting. Especially the stage lighting. As a photographer, my eye is trained to “find the light,” and while I’m rockin’ out to a band, I’m also being blown away by the back-lighting, by the colored beams of light finding their way through the haze, by the single spotlight that illuminates the artist during an acoustic moment. And I’m always wanting to capture that in photographs.

If I could add anything to my own photographic “set list,” it would be concert photography! I’ve taken some pretty cool photos at concerts over the years, some with my point-and-shoot camera, some with my mid-grade digital SLR and a zoom lens, some with permission, some not so much. 🙂 Ah, how I would love the opportunity to shoot with my good camera and lenses!

I’ve found that country artists are pretty open to concert-goers having cameras, so when I saw Gary Allan recently in Asheville, NC, I went up front to take some photos with my p&s…

I love the crazy lighting in this one!!

As I’m further developing my photography business, I’m gaining the opportunity to work with some musicians in and out of the studio, and I’m beyond excited to combine these two passions! Stay tuned for more music-related images in the future!

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