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Anticipation. Christmas is the season of anticipation, and for new families, little can compare to the anticipation of the birth of their first baby. I’m continuing my “throwback” blog posts with another Christmas Newborn Portrait session! Little Asher has just turned TWO, but his in-home newborn portraits were some of my favorites. The lights, the Christmas jammies, the snuggly baby boy celebrating his first days home with his family and his first Christmas. There’s so much to love about this portrait session; I hope you’ll enjoy!

Asher…Christmas Newborn Portraits

greenville_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-009 greenville_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-010


Seriously, how perfectly squishy is this little face?? I can’t get over Asher’s little bow lips and smushy cheeks!


Sweet, snuggly family time. I’m asleep….just kidding!


Brianna is such a sweet spirit, and she was such happy new mommy!

greenville_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-006 greenville_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-001

Of course, Sophie the Pup had to be part of the family portraits!


Without a doubt, this candid portrait is one of my favorites from Asher’s newborn session. I just love this quiet moment and all that it stands for during the crazy rush of the holiday season. Friends, I wish for you all to create moments filled with peace, reflection, snuggles, and joy this season.


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Merry Christmas!


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