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Baby Jackson | In-home Newborn Photography, Greenville SC


There is just something sweet and special about photographing newborn babies in their first home…just a few days old…getting loved on by their brand-new family. I photographed Baby Jackson in Greenville SC, and there was nothing but love and snuggles for this sleepy boy. Big Brother John Allen tickled his tiny toes, and Mommy and […]

2015 Year-End Review | Upstate SC Photographer

I have always been a big fan of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…I mean, what’s not to love? Confetti and horns, champagne (my favorite!), the countdown and kisses….the Rose Parade (it amazes me how they turn flowers and seeds into such amazing floats!), black-eyed peas and greens for a prosperous year, and just […]

Coming Soon…The Liner Twins!! | Greenville SC Maternity Photographer


Back in middle school and high school, long before my photography career, I had quite the successful stint as a babysitter. I read the “Babysitters Club” books, I made up my own tote bag of books and games to take with me, and every weekend was filled with jobs caring for little ones from my […]

A Day in the Life of the Goasguens | Upstate SC Family Portraits


(Perhaps the greatest family portrait ever!!) I really, really enjoy photographing this family! The first time I photographed the Goasguens, mom was just a few days away from delivering Baby B, and they were completely laid-back and fun-spirited. (You may see those photos HERE and HERE.) This session was no exception, and I enjoyed shooting […]