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It is so special to watch a family grow and change through their portraits over the years, and I have been lucky enough to photograph this adorable family through some milestones! I first met them 5 1/2 years ago for maternity portraits and then Liam’s newborn session (check it out–he was delivered via FedEx!!). It was wonderful to catch up at the Asheville NC Arboretum recently to document them as a family of four. The Suttles Family is full of love and energy, positivity, and tons of fun.

Introducing….The Suttles Family

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 17

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 03 Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 02

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 04 Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 08

On these next two of sweet Miss M, I couldn’t decide between Black & White or Color…which is your favorite??

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 07 Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 06

Same dilemma for big brother Liam…Color or B&W?

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 12 Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 13 Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 09   Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 10

Couple of cuties right here!

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 11

I loooooove this sweet series of M and Mommy!

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 18


Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 14

Mom and Dad have been a couple since they were a whopping 13 years old! I love their love story of growing up together and loving through the years. During every family session, I think it’s ALWAYS important to photograph just mom and dad, even if the kids are running around like crazy behind the scenes, because this love, this connection is where their family began.


Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 21

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 16

These guys are happy together!

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 15

This series just cracks me up!! 🙂

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 22

And finally, I saved my favorite family portrait for the end. I love this shot!

Asheville_Arboretum_NC_Mountains_Family_Children_Photography_Amy_Clifton_Keely 05


If you would like to view the Suttles Family’s complete session, please CLICK HERE for their proof gallery. Password is mom’s maiden name.

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20 Responses

  1. Kristen Suttles says:

    You always do such great work. Thank you so much for capturing these wonderful memories for us. We will treasure them forever!

    • Amy Clifton says:

      Kristen, I’m so glad that you love them! You guys are the best. Let’s not make it 5 years next time. 🙂

  2. Mitchell Suttles says:

    Wow! So many great ones to pick from. Thank you for taking the time to capture these for us.

  3. joane casali says:

    Cutest pics ever

  4. joane casali says:

    Love them

  5. cassie hears says:


  6. jenn hamm says:


  7. kristin ropee says:

    Really amazing

  8. Gini Locke says:

    You captured the love!

  9. Cricket Evans says:

    WOW! These pictures are great!! What a beautiful family!!

  10. Michelle says:

    These truly capture a family bound together by love. Simply beautiful!!!!

  11. Kala says:

    Wow, great pics!

  12. Ryan says:

    Good looking family!

  13. Gabrielle says:

    How wonderful!!! Such a beautiful, fun family and way to go capturing it so well!

  14. Joab Corey says:

    Nice pictures!

  15. Amy,
    This photographs are beautiful! I’ve known Kristen and her family for several years, and you’ve really captured the personality of the family. You clearly connect well with your subjects.

    • Amy Clifton says:

      Aw, thank you SO much Cameron! I really do my best to make connections with the families that I photograph; I’m so glad that shows here!

  16. Bunny Corey says:

    Great photos! Love the selection….so many choices. I would use you for my photography needs.

  17. LINDA kOLNIK says:

    All I can say is This is one special, beautiful family!! LOVE these pics, your photographer is so good.

  18. Adam Brookshire says:

    Ava is so cute. I can’t wait to meet her in person. She has an amazing smile!
    I feel so fortunate to be an uncle!

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