Brooks’ Downtown Greer Senior Portraits


Better late than never, right? He’s long graduated from high school, but we can still show off Brooks’ downtown Greer Senior Portraits, right?? Brooks is the second of three boys, and it has been so much fun photographing each of their senior portraits and seeing their unique personalities come to life. As a high schooler, Brooks loved robotics and music, he has such a genuine smile, and it was fun to see his confidence in front of the camera. Guys get a bad rap for not wanting to be in pictures, but I actually have a ton of fun with my Senior guys!

Introducing….Brooks’ Downtown Greer Senior Portraits

I love having Greer City Park basically in my front yard! There’s always something going on here, and it’s got great spots for photos. Brooks strummed some chords for his parents and me, looking all chill in his RayBans. 😉

Brooks’ mama, my sweet friend/cousin-in-law Tonya, always has the sweetest ideas for documenting her sons’ growth during their Senior Portraits. As the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short,” and isn’t that such the truth? I know for parents, it seems like *just yesterday* that their graduating babies actually WERE babies. Even if their shoe size changes [drastically!], some things stay the same–family love, big smiles, and that awesome ginger hair!

This one was a family favorite, and I’m pretty sure it made it onto Brooks’ graduation announcement!

Music is such a big part of our stories, and it always amazes me how closely music is tied to memory. Certain songs and you’re just THERE. Music is a big deal in this family, too. I love this whole hoodie series…

Downtown Greer Senior Boy Session

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Bald Rock Senior Portrait | Greenville SC


Madi’s Bald Rock Senior Portrait Session in the mountains of northern Greenville SC reminded me of HOW MUCH I love photographing high school seniors! The short drive up the mountain had us traveling through bursts of rain, overcast skies, and misty fog. As I turned the last bend before the random pull-off parking lot (if you’ve been to Bald Rock, you know what I’m talking about–it’s a bit quirky!), the skies opened and the sun came out! The view looking out from Bald Rock was just perfect, and the rainstorm even gave us a little surprise…but you’ll have to read to the end of this post for that. 😉 As soon as she stepped in front of my camera, Madi was full of quiet confidence, natural posing, and a “Mona Lisa smile” that revealed nothing but the reminder that seniors are full of mystery, hope, confidence, uncertainty, and nostalgia, which combine to create a most beautiful year. It’s not too late to photograph this year’s Seniors, and I would LOVE getting a head start on members of the Class of 2019. If you know of a Senior who needs his or her year captured (both for themselves and also for the Mamas and Daddies who are going to be missing them like crazy), please send them my way.

Introducing Madi…Class of 2018

I’ve said it before, but man I am jealous of people who can pull off the serious face! Madi killed it; when I do it, I just look like I’m coming down with a cold. (Ha!)

The views at Bald Rock are gorgeous, but so are these little patches of greenery and lovely light. Madi was such a natural in front of the camera.

This image…it just speaks to me. One of my favorites from her Bald Rock Senior Portrait Session.

Super cute senior!

Grace and confidence with the whole world in front of her, yet a bit apprehensive about taking that jump. I think this image is such a metaphor for that Senior Year season of lasts…which leads to a whole new season of firsts.

As many times as I’ve shot at Bald Rock, I had never ventured off “the rock” to this wooded patch. I LOVED what we found and how Madi rocked this part of her Bald Rock Senior Portrait Session!

Madi and her sweet Mama…

Remember that rain storm I mentioned on the drive up the mountain? How many times do you get a perfect surprise like this rainbow? It didn’t last long, but it sure was beautiful!

As usual, I’ll end this post with one of my favorites from the session. Every now and then, you just see an image happening and KNOW it’s begging to become a B&W photo. No doubt, this portrait is one of those times.

Best wishes, Madi and the Class of 2018, for a senior year that fills your hearts with memories to last a lifetime!

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