Brooks’ Downtown Greer Senior Portraits


Better late than never, right? He’s long graduated from high school, but we can still show off Brooks’ downtown Greer Senior Portraits, right?? Brooks is the second of three boys, and it has been so much fun photographing each of their senior portraits and seeing their unique personalities come to life. As a high schooler, Brooks loved robotics and music, he has such a genuine smile, and it was fun to see his confidence in front of the camera. Guys get a bad rap for not wanting to be in pictures, but I actually have a ton of fun with my Senior guys!

Introducing….Brooks’ Downtown Greer Senior Portraits

I love having Greer City Park basically in my front yard! There’s always something going on here, and it’s got great spots for photos. Brooks strummed some chords for his parents and me, looking all chill in his RayBans. 😉

Brooks’ mama, my sweet friend/cousin-in-law Tonya, always has the sweetest ideas for documenting her sons’ growth during their Senior Portraits. As the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short,” and isn’t that such the truth? I know for parents, it seems like *just yesterday* that their graduating babies actually WERE babies. Even if their shoe size changes [drastically!], some things stay the same–family love, big smiles, and that awesome ginger hair!

This one was a family favorite, and I’m pretty sure it made it onto Brooks’ graduation announcement!

Music is such a big part of our stories, and it always amazes me how closely music is tied to memory. Certain songs and you’re just THERE. Music is a big deal in this family, too. I love this whole hoodie series…

Downtown Greer Senior Boy Session

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Isabella is 1! | Greer City Park Cake Smash and Birthday Portraits


Miss Isabella is turning 1, and we celebrated with a cake smash and birthday portraits in downtown Greer SC at Greer City Park. This little “sweet one” was SO funny when she tried her cake…and she sure loves it when her daddy sings “You Are My Sunshine.” Her little face just lit up every time he would start singing to her, and it was precious. Isa’s Mommy is also celebrating a special birthday very soon, so she took some time to shine as well. This sweet family adores their baby girl, and it was a pleasure to watch them love on her. Happy 1st Birthday Isa and Happy 25th Sarai!

Introducing…Isabella’s 1st Birthday!

How adorable is Isabella’s girly tutu and gorgeous eyes??

Eeek, those little bare feet and huge grin just make me smile!!

Twins much???

I love this series with Isa’s mommy and daddy. I always make sure to photograph parents alone during family portrait sessions. It’s so important to take some time to focus on where your family began and to slow down in the midst of crazy day-to-day life and focus on the love between you. Donovan said the sweetest thing about Sarai: “My wife is my savior in love and life. She loves without question, she loves me for who I am no matter good bad or ugly.” 

One set of Isa’s grandparents were in town during her session, and they were SO CUTE. I love their little kissy faces…and Isa’s “WHAT are you doing??” face. 🙂

Beautiful mommy and baby girl!

This photo just makes me smile SO big! I love Isa’s big ol’ grin, her hot pink shoes, and can we just talk about her chunky little legs? LOVE.

Cute cute cute!

Without a doubt, these are my favorites from Isa’s one-year birthday portraits. So much happy going on here!

Isa’s beautiful mama gets to celebrate her 25th birthday just a few days before Isabella’s first!

A huge thanks to Abbott’s Frozen Custard in downtown Greer for letting Isa smash her cake in their adorable restaurant! This little “sweet one” was so funny exploring her cake!

“Ew, I’m not so sure what this is…hmmm, ok maybe this cake stuff is alright…oh yeah–sugar buzzes are THE BEST!!” –Isabella

Yep, she got over her hesitations and pretty much dove right in!! This picture just cracks me up.

Happy Birthday sweet Isabella!

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Ella Jane’s Snow Day Portraits | Greenville Children’s Photography


Snow in the South is such a rarity; when it comes, it isn’t “business as usual.” We slow down, hunker in, and live life a bit more intentionally. After Greenville South Carolina experienced a beautiful fluffy snowstorm in January, I couldn’t wait to photograph some magical children’s snow day photography sessions! Miss Ella Jane was excited to get dressed up and brave the cold to become a bit of a Snow Princess for the afternoon. We had so much fun twirling her beautiful dress through the snowy yard…and even her snowman pal Olaf got in on the portraits! Snow is magical…childhood is magical…and the golden sun beaming through the trees created a winter wonderland that, too, was filled with a bit of magic. I hope you will enjoy Ella Jane’s snowy portrait session.

Introducing…Ella Jane in the Snow!

This portrait is definitely one of my favorites of this sweet girl!

And as sweet and happy as EJ is, she can also give the camera one heck of a sassy, serious model face too!

Color or Black and White..which do you prefer? I couldn’t decide! As soon as I think I’ve picked a favorite, I change my mind again! And how cute are Ella Jane’s fuzzy American Girl Doll ear muffs??

Love the intensity of her eyes…paired with a hint of sweet freckles.

Ella Jane’s portrait session was right before the Clemson National Championship game, so she had to include a Clemson photo in the session!

In spite of goofy Olaf’s best efforts, this pretty snowstorm was powdery and wasn’t the greatest for building snowmen. Sorry, Olaf!

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Carter’s Christmas Newborn Portraits | Greer SC Photographer


Today is baby Carter’s first birthday, so I wanted to celebrate him with a “throwback Thursday” post of his Christmas newborn portraits from last year in Greer SC. I have been a completely terrible blogger over the past year, and I have worked with so many amazing families whose love just shines through in their portraits. These special people deserve to be seen, so I’m hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon in the coming months!

Big brother Tanner welcomed Carter last Christmas, and Tanner is the most famous kiddo in downtown Greer! Tan-man helped introduce his baby brother to the local coffee-shop, all of the best festivals our little city has to offer, and made sure that he was always selfie-ready for social media. Tanner and Carter’s parents are integral players “here in Greer,” as the owners of several local businesses, including Events at the Davenport, Greer Event Rentals, and YourMark.

Happy 1st Birthday, Carter!

greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-015 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-006

I am obsessed with these gorgeous windows in Carter’s home, and I love this sweet moment with his Mommy and Daddy.

greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-009 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-010

I love sweet candid moments when families are all snuggled together at home. In-home newborn sessions means that no one has to bundle up baby and go out into the world before you are ready, and it also means that I can capture your sweet new baby in his or her first home.

greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-014 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-004

Tanner was so excited to help (re)decorate the tree while his baby brother ate and changed. This cross ornament was a super special one for him to show me.

greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-003 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-017 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-018 greer_sc_newborn_christmas_baby_portraits_amy_clifton_keely_photography-001

Brother feet are super sweet. <3 In no time at all, I bet these feeties will be the same size!


And….this is what happens when you celebrate Christmas immediately after coming home from the hospital with a new baby…tons of fun, and a wee bit of craziness and exhaustion! 😉


Thank you, Stevens Family, for trusting me with these most special first portraits of your family of four. I hope that Carter’s first birthday and this Christmas are filled with magical moments!

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Extended Family Portraits at Greer City Park


In a day and age when extended families often are spread out all over the country, time spent all together is so important! I love it when families contact me to document extended family portrait sessions, and I appreciate it even more when I’ve known them most of my life. The Short-Hartley-Hackworth-Funai Families converged on Greer City Park late this summer, coming from New Jersey, Virginia, the mountains of North Carolina, and Upstate South Carolina to celebrate their family ties. It was a fun–and often funny–session, and I’m excited to show these guys their portraits!

Introducing…The Shorts, Hartleys, Hackworths, and Funais | Summer 2015

One whole side of the family…Hartleys, Shorts, and Hackworths…

Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 02 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 03Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 01 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 04 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 05 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 06 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 07 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 13

A little bit of sisterly love. 😉

Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 20 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 12 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 18 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 14 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 15

Noah, the kid-genius behind Hackworth Vacuums

Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 16 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 17

More family! Hackworths and Funais, having fun!

Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 08 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 09 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 10 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 19 Dowtown_Greer_City_Hall_Extended_Family_Portraits_Amy_Clifton_Keely_Photography 21

Shorts, Hartleys, Hackworths and Funais: Thank you so much for choosing me to document your family moments. I love that you all came together–in-laws, aunts, uncle, nephew, grands, parents, grown-up kids–for a fun weekend of time spent together. I love being a “third daughter” in the Short family, too. 😉  I hope that you will enjoy your family portraits!

To view the entire SHHF Family Gallery, please CLICK HERE.

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